10 Traveling Beauty Tips For Your Skin Care-


1) Take with you during the travel, such as face wash, moisturizer, sun scream which you use daily. Do not make any changes in the brand or quality of any product during the travel.

2) Avoid use of beauty products or soap available in the hotel. Chemical products can cause skin irritation.

3) Take the cleansing milk with you, if the trip is a long way, then twice a day is smaller, then once you clean the face with a clinking milk, This will not cause problems of acne.

4) Apply the toner on face. Apply it immediately after the use of cleansing milk. This will close the opening of the open pore and not be complaining about the blackheads. Do not buy alcoholic, artificial colors and perfume toners.

5) lip balm is must in your purse and keep the lips well moisturized. Especially when you have AC bins. (while traveling in the AC box), your lips are stubborn (dry lips). will not be there.

6) Avoid heavy makeup during travel. Use at least makeup products, such as kajal for eyes, light shade lipstick etc. on the lips.

7) Handkerchief in your hand and keep the face wiped. Dust-clay sticking on the face. will come on the handkerchief and face clean and fresh.

8) Sunshine and pollution during travel can hurt your eyes also. Eye protection from sun rays and pollution is a must. Do not forget to put sunglasses. This causes irritation in the eyes. (problem of burning eyes).

9) Apply sunscreen on skin before travel. Do not forget to apply. Apply it on your Face and neck also hands and feet.

10) Avoid Cold drink during travel. But you have to carry drinking water with you. Drinking a plenty of water can Moisture your skin.



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