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The data leak cases are not new but now a server has been detected on the dark web, in which personal details of 120 crore people are saved. Details ranging from these people’s mobile numbers to social media accounts, email addresses, and work histories have been shared on the dark web. Apart from millions of social media profiles, about 50 million mobile numbers and 62.2 million email addresses have also been leaked, making it the biggest leak from one source.

This data leak was detected by Dark Web Researcher and they found that so much information has been given by the hackers that based on this, their identity can be changed from someone else. According to Wired’s report, researcher Winnie Troia discovered it in October when she, along with her fellow security researcher Bob DiChenko, were using web scanning services BinaryEdge and Shodan. For the first time, he has seen social media profiles and other details together on such a large scale.

Troia said, “If seen from an attacker’s perspective, if a person has to steal the identity or hijack their accounts, then you also have their name, phone number and the URL associated with the account.” He and DiChenko showed crores of account details, involving 120 crore people. The source leaking this database with a size of more than 4 terabytes cannot be detected and this server can only be tracked with the help of Google Cloud Services.

Researcher wrote in the block post, “Also there is no way to know whether this data has never been downloaded before, or whether anyone has found it before.” On the numerous data files encountered, the marking of ‘PDL’ has been seen, leading to speculation that this data has been stolen from or linked to People Data Labs. The report states that the exposed server is not directly connected to the PDL. Let me tell you, after a few easy coding lines, one can access crores of account records and 150 data points.

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