Aadhaar launches the new mobile app

UIDAI has launched a new mobile app to download Aadhaar related details. This app can be downloaded on the Google Play App Store on the registered mobile number in the UIDAI database. This app contains the data related to the cardholder’s Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, gender, address, and photograph.

You can install the base on your Android or iPhone.

The new Aadhaar app has two sections:

  1. Aadhaar Services Dashboard: Single Aadhaar is applicable for all Aadhaar online services of any Aadhaar holder.
  2. My Aadhaar section: Personalize the space for the Aadhaar profile you are about to add to your app.

Advantages of mAadhaar

  • You do not need to carry your Aadhaar card anywhere. For all the services based on Aadhaar, you can use mAadhar app.
  • Through this mAadhar app you can lock or unlock your biometrics.
  • If Aadhaar OTP does not reach your mobile number due to some issues, then you can use the Time-Based OTP of the Aadhar app, which is valid for only 30 seconds.
  • In the base, users share their Aadhaar-related details through QR code, so there is no scope for any kind of leak in it.
  • Users can share EKYC via message or email.

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