Applying sunscreen in winter is more important

In the winter, the sun does not feel the prick, so people often skip sunscreen. But according to the studies, there are rays damaging the skin in the fog and cold winds, which is necessary to apply sunscreen to avoid.

You might think that there is no need for sunscreen in winter. If you think so, then you are thinking completely wrong. During this season, the sun’s rays are very strong and can damage the skin. In such a situation, sunscreen is required to protect the skin. Sunscreen is much needed in the winter season. Admittedly, less sunlight comes in winter than summer, but according to a study, fogging and cold winds also cause tanning in the skin.

In the summer season, there are UVB rays, which are dangerous for the skin. However, UVA rays are more prone to UVB in the winter season, which can cause sunburn, wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. In winter, 30 APF sunscreen cream is necessary.

In the winter season, the cold winds quickly dissipate the effect of your cream. In such a situation, you should use sunscreen for skin protection every 3 hours even in the winter season. Actually, if we see less sunshine in winter, then we become careless, but its harmful rays are still present.

Let me tell you that you can also get skin cancer with UV rays. In winter, the ozone layer becomes thinner, so the danger increases in this season. Therefore, take special care that no matter what the weather, sunscreen must be used. Actually, you should apply skin protection sunscreen cream throughout the year. Apply sunscreen to all places which are exposed to sunlight. If you are wearing very hot clothes, then you only need to apply sunscreen on the face.


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