Bangladesh is preparing to place around one lakh Rohingya Muslim refugees on a deserted island located in the Bay of Bengal. However, many top officials of the country have feared that these people may be trapped on this island as it is in danger of flooding.


It is to be known that seven lakh Rohingya Muslims had migrated to Bangladesh since the violence in Buddhist-dominated Rahein province in August last year. These people are staying in the camps of Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district near the border of Myanmar. Almost three lakh refugees are already living in these camps. The arrival of new refugees has reduced the place.

Recently, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had said that temporary arrangements will be made on an island for Rohingya to reduce the crowds from the Cox Market refugee camps. According to the Bangladeshi media, British and Chinese engineers are helping the preparations for the refugees living on the island. The camps will be prepared before the monsoon for the refugees. In this region, rain starts from April and there is a danger of flood.
“No plans to give passport, ID card”


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