After failing to agree to MPs in favor of their Brexit deal, Britain’s Prime Minister Teresa announced in a very emotional speech Friday that she will leave the Conservative leader’s post on June 7.

In a statement stating outside his official residence at Downing Street, Teresa said, “This is a matter of great sadness for me, and it will always be a matter of sorrow that I could not deliver the breakage…”

Election Results 2019: 18 States, where Congress could not be opened the account.

This designation indicates the start of a new leadership race formally on Brexit issue, and in the meantime, until the new leader is elected, she will be the caretaker prime minister.

Teresa May said, “I will resign from the post of the conservative and unionist party leader on Friday, June 7 …” She said, “The process of getting a new leadership will probably start next week …” It is going to take weeks for the next leader to be elected.



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