green card

American President Donald Trump has proposed a new immigration plan ‘Build America’ in place of the green card in Parliament. These new immigration plans will be based on merit and merit.

This will benefit other foreign professionals and skilled workers, including Indians waiting for a green card or permanent valid residence permit. At present, due to the dispute in Democratic and Republican, it is difficult to get approval for this proposal in Parliament.

America gives a green card to nearly 11 lakh foreigners every year. Under this, these people are allowed to work and live permanently in America. At present, 66 percent of the Green Card family has been given on the basis of the relationship. Only 12 percent of the people were allowed to give this card on a merit basis. In this proposal, the visa quota was increased from 12 percent to 57 percent.

Trump said on Thursday that he wants to make big changes under this new proposal. It will also give merit to the merit. In the White House Rose Garden, Trump has said that America has always been a country welcoming foreigners and will continue to do in the future. Under the ‘Build America’ visa, foreigners will have to learn the English language for the green card.

At the same time, the examination of civics will also be passed. This proposal is currently in the parliament and it is finding it difficult to get the approval of the Congress. There is a majority of the Democratic Party in Parliament, while Republicans control the Senate. The leaders of both parties are divided among the proposals.

Users will be able to report accidents and overspreading on Google Maps, the new feature.

This new plan is from Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. This scheme is mainly to strengthen border security. Trump said that we want to give an opportunity to those people, who consider their responsibility as a citizen.

The purpose of this new policy is to simplify the rules such as qualification, high degree holder and permanent membership for the professional qualifications.


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