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To buy a health insurance cover, there are some important aspects to consider, which will help in making a sensible decision with complete information. Each health plan has different features and while purchasing it, the policy should be purchased while comparing the different plans and their features.

Amit Chhabra, head of Health Insurance,, explains what things should be considered when taking health insurance.

Generally, whenever a health insurance buyer, he chooses the cheapest plan according to the premiums of the policy. It is not okay to compare a health plan on a premium rate basis only because viewing the features of the plan is also important. It is often seen that the cheapest plan offers limited protection.

An agent can definitely help you buy a health plan, but you should not completely depend on it. Instead of buying online, buying a policy is very helpful because here you can compare different plans and their claims settlement rate. After this, you can choose the right plan for yourself based on the best features and prices.

One common misconception is that if we have any illness, then buying health insurance does not want to give it its information. People do this because they are afraid of canceling their policy application or increasing the premium amount.

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But here it is important to know that when you go to make a claim and the insurance company realizes that you have hidden any information, your claim may be rejected. You should tell all the essential facts related to your health, even though the amount of premium will increase in this but at least your claim will not be rejected.

It is important to buy health insurance as well as compare plans with premiums as well. The plans that come with the add-ons and rider will definitely be expensive, but you must definitely buy them so that all expenses associated with the hospital can be covered.

There is a list of things that are not included in each health plan, which is recorded in the policy document. We often ignore it. So now you should know immediately which expenditure is not included in your health plan so that when you reject the claim you do not feel that you have been cheated.


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