earthquake on mars

NASA InSight, a NASA-powered rocket launcher, has for the first time placed an ‘earthquake’ on Mars. US Space Agency reported this information.

Lander’s seismic machine ‘Sesamic Expert for Interior Structure’ (SEIS) detected weak seismic signs on April 6. On 6 April, ‘Insight’ was the 128th day on Mars.

NASA said in a statement that possibly there are seismic indications from within the planet and this has happened for the first time. Earlier, due to factors like air above the surface, there were seismic signs. Scientists are still investigating the data to ascertain the exact cause of the signal.

earthquake on mars

“Insight Principal Investigator of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in America,” Bruce Bannardt said, “The first insights from the Insight are to advance science from NASA’s Apollo mission.” He said, “This development has officially opened a new area: it is earthquake science on Mars.”



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