Facebook Messenger has added a new feature to the Android and iOS apps. With this help, the user will be able to make more friends and family members a call during any voice or video call. After updating, call to eliminate one-to-one call in Facebook Messenger app in group call will not be closed. Now users will be able to make more of their share during the call.

Facebook manager Sarah Morris of Facebook Messenger wrote on Wednesday, “We are excited to give information about a small feature. Video and audio chats for the user will be easier and faster than ever before. . ”

Earlier, the Facebook Messenger user had to finish the call to convert video or voice chat between two people into a group chat. After this, new calls had to be started from the inbox. It was possible to do this through a new message or in the old messages, it was again started by the convergence.

Now the Messenger user can choose the icon of the ed Person by tapping on the screen during the video chat or voice call. After this, you can make people a part of the chat with your will.

During this time all filters and effects will also be available. At the same time, after the end of the chat, the user’s inbox will automatically create the group chat. To get this feature, the user must download the latest version of the Messenger app.


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