Fastag is going to be mandatory across India from December 1 and many arrangements have been made for this. Parking and petrol facilities can also be used through Fastag.

Fastag is going to be necessary across the country from December 1. In view of the convenience of the people, NHAI is going to give free fastag till 1 December. Plans are on to provide these tags in all 537 toll plazas of the country as well as NHAI congested shopping malls. NHAI will provide these fastags for free in toll plazas, transport offices. People will also not need KYC for the FASTAG provided by NHAI. KYC is provided in fastags provided by banks, and agency. It is free till December 1 for all vehicles including fastag trucks, cars, jeeps. These tags are being sold at 50 petrol pumps in Delhi NCR.

According to Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, now Fastag can also be used to take fuel from airports, shopping malls and petrol pumps. This facility has also been started in parking at Hyderabad Airport. Fastag will cut off the parking charges and filling petrol or diesel and This will save time.

The number of fastags will increase by 30 November

At present, NHAI has 1 lakh 40 thousand kilometers of roads. While only 7 lakh Fastags were released in 2017, 66 lakh, 19 thousand Fastags have been released so far this year. By November 30, their number will be much higher.

There are 537 toll plazas in the country, out of these 412 toll plazas have all lags fastagged, 64 toll plazas have 2 lanes fastened. All will be completed by 30 November. To overcome the problems of commercial vehicles, an agreement has also been made with GST, GST will also be cut through this tag for commercial vehicles, this will save people’s time.

Where will you find fastag

Fastag is like a radio frequency tag, which is mounted on the side screen of the vehicle. It can be recharged from time to time. The advantage of its proximity is that the vehicle is identified on the toll through this tag while the train passes through the toll plaza. The amount of toll payment has to be paid, the amount is deducted by itself through that tag. That is, there is no need to stop at the toll.

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