This is the best weight loss program – Some simple tips for getting rid of obesity

Best weight loss program:


1) A person with obesity should wake up in the morning and walk

And practice regular of pranayam.

By doing so, weight decreases rapidly.

2) Mix 25 grams of honey in 25 ml of lemon juice and add this in 1 glass of warm water and drink it, in the morning

Due to drinking warm water every morning and evening, it helps to remove weight.

3) Make powder by mixing equal quantity of dry coriander, sugar candy and thick fennel. More than taking this powder with water in the morning. (removes excess fat) Fat reduces and eliminates obesity.

(Do not use this for diabetic patients)        Image result for weight loss

4) Drink basil leaves juice 10 drops and honey 2 spoons in a glass of water and drinking it daily for less obesity.

5)Tomatoes and onions add a little bit of salt (Epsom salt) and a little bit of black pepper and eat it as a salad before meals, it is useful for weight loss.




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