North East election 2018:

what a strategy was adopted by BJP, which overthrow the 25-year-old Left government from Tripura. At the same time, in Nagaland, BJP looks forward to forming a government with its ally. On the other hand, the Congress government in Meghalaya had been in the state for 10 years and this time hung assembly is seen there.

In Tripura, BJP has overthrown the Left’s 25-year-old government. Here the Congress has been wiped out. BJP is moving towards 2/3 majority. At the same time, BJP got 1.54 percent votes for the last time, and this time the BJP is going ahead to form a government. At the same time, BJP broke the illusion that BJP is a party of Hindi-speaking states only. BJP has proved that it is a party of Pan India or the whole of India. BJP is also in the process of trying to get the BJP government over there.

Analysis of BJP strategy in “North East Election 2018”:

It is being said that BJP has started preparations for these elections for two years. Put their leaders there completely. Party workers sent among the people and many senior leaders had camped there.

The BJP has focused on anti-Left vote here. In the last election, Left got 51 percent. BJP broke the vote of left and worked at the bottom level. In the local body elections held in the state, the party has proved this before its performance.

One of the most important reasons for the defeat of the Left is that there was an increase in people’s anger over the Left’s government. There have been allegations that the Left government benefited from the party cadre and its people. Everyone else is separated. Left governments have always been accusing these governments. The patronage polytex of the left has been doing. BJP explained this to the people.

In the election, it was believed that the Congress did not contest elections with a strong force even earlier and this time too it did not show any strength. Often, the Congress Alliance has crossed the electoral line with the help of Alliance. BJP took advantage of it. By the way, the BJP is still fighting every election with a lot of syriasis. Here even the BJP did the same.

There is no double opinion that BJP’s strategy has proved to be better. From party president to party workers, he has worked hard. At the grassroots, the party worked hard, which resulted in the rallies of PM Narendra Modi.

The experts also say that the image of PM Modi in the people is also good. Some people also believe that Modi is a negative one. That is, they know how to make decisions and know how to implement them. People saw this by adding to the ban on bondage. BJP told people about the achievements of PM Modi’s government here.

Apart from this, the most important reason is the declaration of commission. Fourth Pay Commission is continuing in Tripura. BJP has spoken about the 7th Pay Commission. This is what the Congress party has also promised. But it is being said that people have more faith in BJP’s point of view. Explain that there are good government voters in it.

The BJP and the youth have been supporting BJP behind the big success of getting the BJP in the state. There has been a trend towards BJP in the state. It is not that the youth also have more expectations than BJP. That’s why the youth have also joined BJP. Young people are quite upset with the Left Government. It is worth noting that in the state there is no question of the universal government’s global belief. But, people are very angry.

Left did not perform so badly in Nagaland. Here, the BJP could not sweep. Left is also a cadre-based party. Despite this, the people have also accepted BJP as an alternative. The BJP has been able to tell people that it is an alternative and can give better governance.

that’s all reasons why BJP has emerged as a strong party of the North-East region in North East election 2018.


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