Meet Colgate E1-


After smartphones, smartwatch now has a turnaround of the smart toothbrush. So far you will have heard in the ad, ‘Is there a salt in your toothpaste?’ But modern technology has done a new experiment on the toothbrush. According to a report from the Business Insider website, the well-known company Colgate has brought a smart toothbrush. It got the name of Colgate E1 and the company has partnered with Apple for this. This smart toothbrush will be sold on Apple’s website and store. This smart toothbrush will be able to monitor your jaw, as well as explain the correct methods of brushing. A brush will also get feedback in real time.

For this Smart Toothbrush, the company has also introduced the iOS app called Colgate Connect. This brush will not be of any use for Android users right now. This toothbrush is so ‘smart’ that your daily brushing habits will keep track of the correct methods of brushing. Not only this, you can also play games with this smart toothbrush. This toothbrush also supports Bluetooth. On behalf of the company, it has been claimed that once the full charge, the battery of this smart toothbrush will last for 10 days.

Make sure that the Colgate searching for smart toothbrushes is not the first brand. Even before that, many companies have been bringing such smart brushes. Most smart toothbrushes have been launched by the Colibri brand in the market. Even the Colgate E1 Smart Toothbrush is based on the technology of Colibri. Almost all the features of the Colibri Ara Smart Toothbrush and Colgate E1 are the same.

This smart toothbrush also has a ‘go pirate’ game, which can be liked by children. This game is present in the Colgate Connect app. The longer you brush while playing this game, the more coins you will get as points. According to the information, the cost of the Colgate E1 has been kept at $ 99 (about Rs 6324.61) at Apple Store. The only basic difference between Colibri and Colgate E1 is that Colibree works on Android and on the E1 iOS app.


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