Paytm mobile app

Paytm Payments Bank has launched a separate Paytm mobile app for mobile banking services. Through this app, Patiala Bank will try to provide simple and secure banking services to its customers.

While issuing a statement, Patiala Payments Bank said that with the help of
Paytm mobile app, customers can access their Digital Debit Card as well as request for Balance Check, Debit Card. Apart from this, customers will be available with 24/7 Bank.

The bank said that after launch in May 2017, so far 430 million Saving Bank customers have been enrolled and 20 lakh physical debit cards have been issued. Along with this, all customers enrolled have been given a virtual debit card.

WhatsApp accounts are being hacked in India; the company gave this formula for safety.

Paytm Payment Bank’s Debit Card is covered with a special security feature. With this feature, the debit card can be easily blocked by clicking on an option given in the Paytm mobile app. This will prevent the misuse of the card in case of misuse. Customers can download this Peti Payments Bank app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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