loose belly fat through yoga

We know the many benefits of yoga. Here are two effective proven methods of yoga to lose weight. It specifically, target your belly fat.

Yoga is the oldest way to stay fit, in India it is being followed four centuries. Although a few years ago when Westerners recognized its usefulness, it got more popularity. Now you will find yoga classes easily. If you want to lose weight, then add Yoga as soon as possible to your fitness plan. Here are some poses that specifically target belly fat.

1. Power Yoga-

Power Yoga contains such movements that help reduce calories by increasing your heart rate. Power yoga is done continuously without any delay, which makes it a very fun workout. This is the right choice for people who have boredom in slogan yoga. Power Yoga is a full body workout with cardio.


  • Flexibility increases.
  • Stamina grows.
  • The entire body is toning.
  • Large amounts of calories burned.


If you are pregnant, there is no serious illness, there is no surgery or no surgery, do not do power yoga.

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2. Hot Yoga-

Just think that you are doing a workout in a room whose temperature is 45 degrees Celsius! In this yoga, only traditional totals are to be a pose. The only difference is that room temperature is kept high.

This makes you sweat more and it is easy to do asana because the body is well-formed. People have different opinions about this yoga. During this, you should take special care to drink water.


  • Hot yoga body gets detox well inside.
  • Flexibility increases.
  • Helps overcome depression.


While there are many advantages of hot yoga, there may be problems like dehydration, head scalding, headache or nausea. If it feels like it should be immediately out of the room.
If you get nausea, take it on the floor, drink water.


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