accident feature of google maps

New Delhi: Since the beginning of the year 2019, Google has been adding several new features to its navigation app. Google Maps is rolling out a new feature in India, with the help of Speed ​​Limits to be added in the navigation interface and it will be quite useful for the drivers.

Now the two options associated with speed traps and accidents are visible in the app. This means that users will be able to report any overriding or accidents while driving only with one click.

After entering the address of any place in the Google maps, as soon as the user starts the navigation, it will show the third button under the search and speaker button, which appears to be plus in the message bubble. This is not a messaging feature, but clicking on it, the user will see two options, Crash and Mobile Speed ​​Camera. In such a way, users will be able to track and report an accident or overspreading on their taps.

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Software Giant Google was testing this feature only since last year. Now the final interface is being rolled out globally after its final design comes. Although Google has not officially announced this feature nor has it told how it works or when users should use it. At the moment Google has not given any reactions to the official announcement on this.

At the moment, this feature is not available to all users and Limited smartphones have received this update. Many Android users have also received this update. You can check it by going to the navigation section of the app. Google is also giving warnings to use it only when it is very important and safe on google maps.


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