Salman Khan slapped bodyguard
Image credit-filmibeat

There is a lot of discussion on the social media about Salman Khan’s video in which the actor is seen slapping a security guard about not being treated properly by a fan child. The incident is being told that this movie took place during the premiere of ‘Bharat’ which was released on Wednesday.

In the video, Salman Khan seems to be moving towards his vehicle while a security guard is making a way for him. The actor was allegedly upset over the behavior of the security guard by a child involved in the crowd. Salman slapped that security guard. Some social media users criticized the behavior of the actor, while his fans came in support of him.

A social media user wrote, “This is the arrogance of Salman Khan, he could do it with humility too.” A fan wrote, “Salman Khan is very good. The dislikers will create some negative stories but for your information, Salman Khan slapped his security guard who failed to take care of small children who were beating in the crowd … “Another fan Wrote, “O God Salman Khan actually slaps a security guard to behave rashly with a fan child”


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