Sonu Ke Tittu ki Sweetie: Movie Review-

Our Rating 3/5

Artist – Nusrat Bharucha, Kartik Aryan, Sunny Singh, Alok Nath, Deepika Amin

Director-luv Ranjan

Movie Type-comedy, Romance

Duration 2 hours 20 minutes


Friendship is always the girl’s victory in the friendship and the girl, this saying is common for the confrontation of love and friendship, and on this punchline, writer-director Love Ranjan has woven the story of his new movie Sonu Ke Titu’s sweetie. Writer-director Luv Ranjan, famous for his Pyar ka Panchanama series. this time is a preference for romance and Bromance collision.

Titu (Sunny Singh) is a boy who falls in love again and again, but every time the wrong girl falls into the dizziness, her heart breaks. Her heartbroken brother, sister-in-law friend Sonu (Karthik Aryan) not only gives her shoulder to cry but also protects her from the clutches of the wrong girl. After the mother passed away at the age of 13, Titu’s family has only adopted Sonu and she considers the same family as her family. This family has Dada Dashit (Alok Nath), Dadi, Mummy, Papa, and Mama (Virendra Saxena). All these members love Sonu as his son and heir. Titu decides to get married after the trouble of love and breakup. Under the arranged marriage, she comes to the relationship of sweetie (Nusrat Bharucha). Titu and the whole family seem to be an ideal and perfect girl for sweetie marriage, but Sonu, who plays the guard of Titu from childhood, feels that something is wrong. Sweetie is a perfect girl. She is a good daughter-in-law, a good daughter, and a perfect girlfriend. How can she be so good and perfect? Now she does not want to marry Titu Sweetie. He battles Sveti in all trials to prove false and false. Sweetie gives Sonu the answer of the brick to the stone, but is the sweetie really a false and a bad girl? Will there be a victory of sweetie and sweetie in the girl? You will have to watch the movie to see it.

Like his earlier films, Love Ranjan has kept comedy flavors here too. The flirtation of his dialogues laugh in many scenes and he has become entertaining. The characters added to the story are great fun. They keep the audience involved. Generally, his films are from a male perspective. In his films, heroes are persecuted by heroines, and the hero is poor. Even this time, Lav Ranjan has depicted heroin as a traditional heroine, in his familiar style, where he chooses a brace of more than one, but his characterization does not get his certification as to why he is the same. And even after you exit the cinema hall, the director does not care about this thing.

Sunny Singh’s role as Kartik Aryan and Titu as Sonu is a strong aspect of Bromance and Chemistry film. Kartik Aryan has made his character strong in every way. Nusrat has given a good fight to Karthik as sweetie. The scenes of tingling of both of them have become good. Nusrat looks beautiful in this film. Overall it’s been one-time watch film.


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