The sky-MK-1A missile

The sky-MK-1A missile was successfully tested on Monday from Integrated Test Range of Chandipur, Odisha. The Ministry of Defense gave this information. This anti-aircraft missile is capable of carrying an armature of 60 kilos with a capability of up to 25 kilometers from the surface to air.

This missile was tested on May 25 and 27. In a statement, the Defense Ministry said, “Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) successfully tested the Akash-MK-1S on 25th and 27th May of the Integrated Test Range in Odisha.

“It is significant that in India, Continually testing advanced missiles to strengthen Earlier on April, it was reported that under Operation ‘Mission Shakti’, India on March 27 killed a satellite in Kalam from Odisha through an anti-satellite missile in space. With this successful test, India had joined the World’s Space Superpower Club, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the name of the nation.

The video shows the entire mission through a series of photographs and graphics, from execution to the killing of a satellite. The target was shot at 283 kilometers with an accuracy of 10 centimeters.

There are three stages of the interceptor missile, out of which two are solid rocket boosters and a kill vehicle that is used to destroy the target. In the video, the modern technology used for missile has been shown in detail.

According to the video, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had instructed the DRDO to work on ‘challenging techniques’ in 2014 and he gave a green signal to this mission in 2016. There were several rounds of meetings between the DRDO and the National Security Advisor.

Multi-stage interceptor with advanced technology was configured to handle missile speed of more than 10 km/second. At the time of this mission only very few people in the country had the information.

However, around 150 scientists from all over the country were working on it. PM Modi, while giving information about this achievement in addressing the nation, had said that this action of India is not against any country but it is a test of the country’s ability.


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