Akkermansia Muciniphila
image credit-Genus/Species

Researchers have discovered that Akkermansia muciniphila, which is a species of bacteria present in the human intestine, uses it as pasteurization to protect it from the dangers of all types of heart diseases.

The Research team of Louvain University studied effective bacteria in the human body. 42 participants were nominated for this and 32 completed this test. The researchers gave acne, to the thick participants, all of which were seen in diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome. That is, they were risk factors related to heart diseases.

Participants were divided into three groups – one who took the live bacteria and two who took pasteurized bacteria – members of these two groups were asked to make changes in their diet and physical activities. They were given as Accomercia nutritional supplements. The intake of acercania was to consistently hold these participants for three months.

The report says People who do not take vacations are at risk of this disease

Researchers found that this supplement was easy to eat and no side effects were seen in groups taking live and pasteurized bacteria. Pasteurized bacteria significantly reduced the risk of diabetes 2 and heart diseases in participants.

This also saw improvements in the health of the liver; the physical weight of the participants also declined (2.3 kg in general) and along with the level of cholesterol also decreased.


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