world cup 2019

The World Cup 2019 going to be held in England is expected to rain a lot this time. According to an ECB official, if there are 500 runs in an innings here, then there will be no surprise. In this case, a new design of printed scorecard prepared for fencing has been made, in which the team’s score has been up to 500 runs.

London: Given the amounts of runs existing in the current series between Pakistan and England, England and Wales Cricket Board has prepared the official Fans scorecard in a new design, in which the score of the team has been scaled up to 500.

The specialty of the England grounds is also a printed scorecard, which is given after one or two pounds to the audience, which is part of their memory.

According to the Daily Telegraph, ‘Runs are recorded in the scorecard bought by viewers. For the World Cup earlier such scorecards were made, with scores of 400 runs. Last week, Tournament Director Steve Elvardi felt that he should be prepared with renewed effort so that 500 runs could also be done.

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England last year scored 481 runs for six wickets in a one-day match against Australia. In the second ODI of the series against Pakistan, England scored 373 runs for three wickets. In reply, Pakistan scored 361 runs. A score of 500 runs on flat pitches can also be made in the World Cup 2019 for the first time.

ECB Chief Executive Tom Harrison said, “We had to change the scorecard’s scale. It has been 500. Who knows that the history of 500 runs in this World Cup will be made?


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