world's first vertical note

This is the world’s first vertical note, which won the Bank Note of the Year title

RBI has recently released a new note of 20 rupees. Earlier in recent years only came in the new note market of 200, 50 and 10 rupees. Discussion of notes is not only in India, but also abroad.

A Canadian note recently received ‘Bank Note of the Year Award 2018’ (Best Note of the Year Award 2018). It is also the world’s first vertical note.

 world's first vertical note

world’s first vertical note

This is a Canadian $ 10 note. The International Bank Note Society has announced this. Due to its best design this note has won the title of Best Note of 2018. In this competition, notes from 15 countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Russia were included. But leaving behind everyone, the Canadian $ 10 bill was at number one.

They twit on twitter-

Meanwhile in [email protected] Canada’s new $10 bill, featuring racial equality activist Viola Desmond on the front and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg on the back, has just been named the world’s best banknote.#cdnpoli #ViolaDesmond

Social Worker Viola Desmonds picture is printed on this note. This is one of the workers fighting for racial equality in Canada. Desmond is Canada’s first woman to be shown prominently on the note.

The $ 10 note is purple and it was launched in November 2018. A photo of Canada’s Human Rights Museum has been printed on the back of the note.

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